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Hissar is situated almost in the centre of Bulgaria, on the southern slopes of Sredna Gora Mountin, 336 m above sea level. The town is wind protected from all sides, widely open in the south for the sun of Thrace. The climate is semi continental. Summer is hot /average monthly temperature is 22? C/. Winter is mild and gentle /average monthly temperature is + 2? C/. Autumn and spring are warm /12? C/. Precipitation is moderate, below the average for the country. Snow cover is thin and of short duration, it lasts for 28 days, on average. Days with fog vary from 11 to 14. Winds are slight. The local breeze called Vechernik /night breeze/ chills the town in the hot summer nights, filled with the song of nightingales! Throughout the changing seasons, the town sinks in aroma of linden, lilac and roses.

There are 22 mineral springs in Hissar - 16 natural and 6 deeply drilled with temperatures ranging from 37 to 51 degrees C. Their water has a low mineral level - 0.257 g/l, hydrogen carbonate-sulfate, chlorine and sodium, fluorine-silicic, alkaline. It has a high pH level - 9. It has not got colour or smell. It is with pleasant taste. Hissar mineral water can be used both as table water and for prevention of: gastro-intestinal tract diseases; nephrolithiasis and nephro-urological diseases; cholelithiasis; locomotory system diseases; gynecological diseases; dental diseases and prevention of dental caries; chronic intoxication with heavy metals and pharmaceutical substances.
Undoubtedly the most beautiful thing in Hissar are the parks which invite visitors to enjoy the variety of ornamental trees and plants. Acacia, lime, lilac, pine, Canadian oak, silver spruce, magnolia, the exotic ginco biloba, paulovnia, albicia and acer. In Hissar there are four kinds of lime trees with different blossom periods which ensure an aroma lasting over 30 days. The beginnings were laid by Swiss engineer Luis Chevalas who created the first park near the present Toplitza baths. It was much later that the parks near the Momina Banya spring, the Open-air Theatre and the luxurious Residence park were modeled. All the sanatoriums, hotels and holiday cottages are surrounded by enormous parks, too. About 100 hectares of greenery with over 300 plant species, some of them listed in the Bulgarian Red Book of endangered species.
Right after leaving the town tourists find themselves in the fields – the shining gold of wheat contrasts with the green of beech and acacia woods, and they, in turn, with the meadows covered in dandelion and clover. Extravagant in colour, a feast for the eye. Sheep and goats are grazing in the glades, hares are chasing in the undergrowth. In the shady gullies twinkle small lakes the colour of nephrite, creating indescribable freshness in the summer heat. At times you can hear the shrill cry of a falcon.
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